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About me

Welcome! I am Zsuzsa Somsák, counseling psychologist, focused in providing life and career coaching through individual therapy sessions.

I graduated as a counseling and organization psychologist at ELTE University of Budapest where I am currently doing my postgraduate studies in couple and family counseling. I also had the chance to learn psychology at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Asides from this I am attending a psychodrama group.

Happiness is the blurry goal that we are all looking for, and we all have different maps to reach it. Some were given a fortunate map from their parents; a firm ground to stand on, and strong paths to follow. Many were given more difficult paths, or were given a very challenging map to orientate. Sometimes we might choose the wrong path and need to turn back often, sometimes we feel that we are on a different path than we expected to be, and sometimes, we are just completely lost. Psychology is a tool for making us more capable of drawing a better map towards happiness. And the psychologist is the one who may walk with you for a while, and helps understanding your map better.

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